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ABSoft HRM is a Ready Made Human Resources Management Software Solution of Ability.It is designed for both large and small enterprises to be able to effectively manage human resource functions and reduce administrative costs, eliminate error-prone HR processes, attract, develop and retain higher quality employees and improve organizational planning and decision-making. Personnel details, attendance, payroll and overtime are the functions in HR Manager Software.

Personnel details of the employee can be recorded by the use of our HR Manager. We can also customize the software as per the needs of different sizes, employees and cultures of the organization.

You can view the attendance of an employee for a selected month. Software will automatically generate this attendance sheet based on the entries you made..For attendance entry, each day is split into two half's "Morning" and "Evening".

Our program can be used to handle the payroll of the company. The system will automatically calculate the salary based on the attendance and overtime. Once other payments, deductions etc are entered and verified the salary can be generated for all the employees. You can also generate different reports from the system based on salary like bank report, department wise report etc.

HR Manager provides you to enter the overtime for different employees belonging to different departments. Once you enter the overtime hour the software will automatically calculate the overtime salary. Customization can be done as per the requirement.

This package can be modified to meet your company's requirement if needed.

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