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Domestic, Foreign Banking and Trade Finance Solutions

Ability Software Services Company Limited is one of the Banking Software providers in Myanmar. The BankingInformation System is a secured, reliable, flexible, high performance and low operational cost system. Our Banking Solution has been successfully implemented in Government Banks, Semi-Government Bank and Private Banks. It can be operated on LAN and WAN system. Our extensive experiences include applications development for major Banking and Trade Finance Solutions.

Ability’s Banking Information System Solution can be divided into modules as follows:

New Accounts Entry (multi-currency account)

- Saving Accounts

- Current accounts / Overdraft Accounts

- Domestic Accounts

- Time / Fixed Deposit Accounts

Voucher Entry (manual and automatic)

Cheque book entry


Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Yearly Closing and Reporting

Loan Management

Interest Calculation

- Saving Interest

- Overdraft Interest

- Loan Interest

- Time / Fixed Deposit Accounts

Export / Import Management

- SWIFT Message Conversion (Inward / Outward)

- Automatic Voucher entry for Export / Import Transaction

- Export / Import Management Reports

Consolidated Reports

Money Changer Management

Fixed Asset Management

Inventory and Property Management

Hire Purchase Management

Work-Flow Management

Electronic-Queue Management

ATM integration

MPU integration

Some of our key customers in Banking Sectors are -

1. Myanma Foreign Trade Bank

2. Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank

3. Myanma Economic Bank

4. Myanmar Citizens Bank

5. Myanmar Oriental Bank

6. Small and Medium Industry Development Bank

7. Innwa Bank

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